touchable memories make 3D photographs for people without vision
images courtesy of pirate3D




‘touchable memories’ by pirate3D, turns photographs into 3D-printed objects for people without vision. the social experiment project aims to increase the awareness of the endless possibilities of using technology to improve lives. using an affordable home printer called buccaneer, the visually-impaired can re-experience images by fabricating a tangible scene of it.


short documentation of how eye-sight may not stay but their memories will
videos courtesy of pirate3D




the ‘touchable memories’ project follows gabor, mario, meritxell, yassine and daniela who all have either lost their eye-sight due to glaucoma or from birth. the video documentary describes how the 3D model creations empowers them to visualize their memories that were photographed.

daniela remembers the most from her childhood winters where she was surrounded by her family during the ski season, ‘it brings up one of the happiest moments of my life’.


yassine happily recalls his relationship with his father who passed away when he was five years old, ‘my father used to called me ‘my little bird’ every time we played together’.



the possibilities of the buccanneer 3D-printer