Grounded designs towable RV trailer


Camping trips requiring mobile units on the road can also look hyper-futuristic and fun when it comes to the RV trailer being lugged. Grounded’s ‘Aerodynamic Towable’ comes forward as a contender, bringing in its expandable roof that opens up into a spacious hooded interior that can accommodate up to two people.


The aerodynamic expanding design of the towable RV trailer gives the vehicle a quick and easy transition between towing and livable modes. When not in use, it can be parked inside sheltered spaces and it may also fit in the garage depending on its size.


The camping trailer offers lowered drag and fuel efficiency in its smaller, aerodynamic towing mode. The trailer’s small size makes it easy to stow and maneuver, allowing campers to visit isolated locations with ease. Its lightweight design, thanks to the advanced composite materials the design team uses, means it can be towed by smaller vehicles.

towable rv trailer grounded
images courtesy of Grounded



Grounded RV says that they apply weather-resistant materials and coating on the exterior and insulation for the interior so campers can lug the towable RV trailer with them in all seasons. Once expanded into camping mode, the fully raised roof gives  6.5 feet of headroom.


The large windows fill the living area with light and afford 360 degree-views of the surroundings. The towable camping trailer offers a spacious interior that includes a fully functional kitchen, a comfortable sleeping area, and roomy dining options, all providing the comfort of the home outdoors.

towable rv trailer grounded
the fully raised roof gives 6.5 feet of headroom



Customization to fit campers’ needs


Grounded keeps luxury in mind for the design. The earth tones infiltrating the interior palette match the modular furniture that comes with the towable RV trailer, giving the creative command to the campers. The campervan’s floor layout shifts based on the campers’ liking.


Whether they need extra seating, a dining area, or even a Queen-sized bed, the manufacturing system of Grounded accommodates the requests. The RV company offers customizable features to the campers that permit them to tailor the interior’s look to their desire and make use of the spacious inside the way they see it.


Such an option can ensure that only what the campers need on the road can be fitted in the towable RV trailer. It minimizes the risks of wanting to overhaul the interior design, fixtures, and furniture that comes with fully furnished towable RV trailers to fit the sojourners’ needs. ‘You can create your own unique configuration to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for more storage, a larger bed, or a dedicated workspace,’ says Grounded.

towable rv trailer grounded
Aerodynamic Towable resembles a computer mouse when in towable mode

towable rv trailer grounded
the towable RV trailer from Grounded is equipped with modular furniture

towable rv trailer grounded
the spacious interior allows for customization

towable rv trailer grounded
even sofa beds and benches are possible



project info:


name: Aerodynamic Towable

company: Grounded