road safety becomes soft play as toyoda gosei plans to exhibit concept for flesby II model at tokyo motor show 2017. the firm, who specialises in supplying rubber and plastic cars to the auto industry, has created a vehicle which protects pedestrians in event of contact.
toyoda gosei flesby II designboom tokyo motor show 2017
the concept will be exhibited at tokyo motor show 2017



the company imagines the body of the model – made out of a next-gen material called e-rubber, that the company has been developing since 2007 – will serve as a safety feature by absorbing the impact. the material holds the ability to change the shape of the soft exterior by moving with the use of electric power. both the exterior and the interior would also incorporate LEDs as a way of communicating with surrounding drivers and pedestrians.

toyoda gosei flesby II designboom tokyo motor show 2017
e-rubber is used to absorb impact on collision

it is the second generation of the original flesby concept car, exhibited by toyoda gosei at the 2015 tokyo motor show. the predecessor provided pedestrian protection in the form of an inflatable exterior serving a similar safety objective. in addition to the flesby II concept, toyoda gosei will showcase several other concepts for the age of autonomous driving and electric vehicles. the first is a futuristic front end concept that uses cameras and a millimeter wave radar to communicate the vehicle’s intentions to people outside. the other is a next-generation cockpit model imagining how this area will function in an age of driver-less cars.