the toyota engineering society has created a robot equipped with artificial intelligence and an ability to shoot hoops that puts professional basketball players to shame. named CUE, according to its’ creators the robot can shoot with nearly 100-percent accuracy at short distances, outplaying members of japanese B league team alvark tokyo as seen in the video.

toyota AI-equipped robot shoot hoops better than professional basketball players
image courtesy of alvark tokyo



according to reports, creators, who surprisingly had no robotics experience before building CUE, were inspired by the protagonist of sports-themed manga series slam dunk, sakuragi hanamichi. sponsored by toyota, CUE has been assigned a number 70 jersey and the position of shooting guard and at 190 cm (6 ft 3 in) tall, it fits right in. CUE uses artificial intelligence to learn to make better shots over time and having practiced over 200,000 times, it’s flick of the wrist is quite impressive.


video courtesy of asahi shimbun