toyota pushes for hydrogen electric systems with FCV plus concept
all images courtesy of toyota




toyota is expanding their sustainable systems portfolio with a concept dedicated to hydrogen electricity – the ‘FCV plus’. compressed hydrogen has a higher energy density than electricity, and can be generated from a wide range of raw materials. easy to store, toyota envisages a grid in which hydrogen energy is in widespread use – using this concept to showcase their hope for the future. 


toyota-fcv-plus-hydrogen-concept-designboom-02the concept fits four passengers



in addition to the vehicle’s own hydrogen tank, the ‘FCV plus’ can also generate electricity directly from hydrogen stored outside the car. the vehicle can thus be transformed into a stable source of electric power for use at home or away. the car’s fuel cell stack can be reused as an electricity generating device, transcending the traditional functions of cars. the stack is mounted between the front tires and the hydrogen tank behind the rear seat. together wit the adoption of independent in-wheel motors in all four wheels, this allows for a spacious cabin despite the vehicle’s compact body. by concentrating functional parts at the front and the rear of the vehicle, this next-generation fuel cell toyota ‘FCV plus’ creates an optimal weight balance and a wide field of vision. 

toyota-fcv-plus-hydrogen-concept-designboom-03 the futuristic design focuses on a lightweight shell toyota-fcv-plus-hydrogen-concept-designboom-04each tire houses an in-wheel motor toyota-fcv-plus-hydrogen-concept-designboom-05the cockpit  toyota-fcv-plus-hydrogen-concept-designboom-06the driver’s straightforward controls toyota-fcv-plus-hydrogen-concept-designboom-07the rear seat disguises the hydrogen tank