Redsands campers’ mobile vehicle, the wanderer 


RedSands Campers transforms the Toyota Hilux D4D into a two-person 4WD camper and mobile lodging, complete with a queen-sized bed inside the converted pickup truck and a pull-out breakfast bar and dinner table. Named “The Wanderer,” the truck is also equipped with solar panels to power up devices and electronics in the 4WD camper for travelers. RedSands Campers’ new addition to its growing list of vehicles may be more suitable for exploring Australia all year round, as the Toyota Hilux camper is also equipped with air conditioning to fend off the heat.

toyota hilux camper redsands campers
images courtesy of RedSands Campers



Toyota Hilux with built-in kitchen


In addition to both indoor and outdoor seating, the queen-sized bed inside The Wanderer can accommodate two travelers worn out from their excursions and traveling around cities. RedSands Campers says that its Toyota Hilux 4WD camper allows nomads to enjoy their meals inside using the pull-out table and outside with its built-in breakfast bar. This feature keeps on running since the camper is furnished with a fully equipped kitchen, allowing the wanderers the freedom to cook their own meals wherever they are.

toyota hilux camper redsands campers
the Toyota Hilux gets an upgrade as a 4WD camper



Fully equipped camper for off-road touring


The upgraded Toyota Hilux 4WD camper also comes with awnings to shield the travelers from extreme heat, basic bathroom necessities including towels and a portable camp shower, a set of LED lighting to illuminate the camper at night, and some camp chairs for guests. RedSands Campers adds a portable two-burner stove, sink, draining board, and dishwashing essentials to its built-in kitchen to wrap up the camping experience, and the presence of a fire extinguisher amps up the safety measures in case of flame and smoke emergencies on the road.

toyota hilux camper redsands campers
it has a queen-sized bed for indoor sleeping



For specs buffs, RedSands Campers’ Toyota Hilux 4WD camper is a high and low-range four-wheel drive with automatic transmission. It has a 142-liter fuel tank capacity and consumes 12 to 14 liters per 100 kilometers. Power steering, Bluetooth audio, and USB charging points are also included, along with a step ladder and a first aid kit. The company keeps off-road touring in mind when transforming the Toyota Hilux into a 4WD camper and says that it has already opened its order pool. As of publishing the story, RedSands Campers is set to deliver the first batches of The Wanderer in April 2024.

toyota hilux camper redsands campers
the Toyota Hilux camper comes with a pull-out breakfast and dinner bar

toyota hilux camper redsands campers
solar panels top the RedSands Campers’ new addition

toyota hilux camper redsands campers
power steering, Bluetooth audio, and USB charging points are also included



project info:


name: The Wanderer

model: Toyota Hilux

company: RedSands Campers