toyota ponam-31 sports utility cruiser has automotive derived design
images courtesy of toyota




the toyota ‘ponam-31’ sports utility cruiser boat is the latest model of their ‘ponam’ range and has automotive derived technology and design. it belongs to a new class of vessels as it provides high performance as well as comfortable accommodation for up to 12 people. the 31-foot aluminum hull is powered by two 3.0 liter direct-injection diesel engines – brought from the land cruiser prado – meaning it is suitable for both fishing and relaxing expeditions. the engines also feature optimized turbochargers, intercoolers and fuel injectors which help ensure that emissions, noise and vibrations are minimized.

front 3/ view of the toyota




the ‘ponam-31’ displays toyota’s years of automotive design and manufacturing experience by incorporating complex curved surfaces into the elegant boat’s form. a clear example of this is the open-plan flybridge that sits above the cabin and offers excellent visibility. inside, the cabin has an expansive space arrangement that is both relaxing and convenient. technology wise, the vessel features toyota drive assist that is a pilot support mechanism, and the virtual anchor system which is an automatic piloting control device that holds it in position. titled after the maori name for new zealand’s south island ‘te waipounamu’, the ‘ponam-31’ is now available in japan.

side view



video courtesy of toyota global newsroom




top view of the boat


the 10.57 by 3.20 meter vessel weighs 5,600kg


the rear deck


view of the flybridge


the ponam-31’s interior