prius, the pioneer of hybrids, gets a radical overhaul
all images courtesy of toyota





before hybrids were even a thing, the toyota prius was already on the road conserving fuel like no other car. this year, the japanese car maker has totally refurbished the lineup which builds on the strengths and achievements of its predecessors and is set to establish higher benchmarks in fuel economy, emissions and efficiency. the four generation prius marks an evolution in design to appeal to younger drivers with a more rewarding driving experience. acceleration is smoother and more responsive, and at higher speeds, it quieter and has a more linear handle that is better aligned to engine speed. the full hybrid powertrain has undergone extensive revisions to improve efficiency, reduce weight and sharpen performance. 

toyota-prius-hybrid-designboom-02toyota sharpens the front facing head lights




detailed design changes to the engine have achieved more than 40 per cent thermal efficiency. other components have been made more compact and have been repositioned for optimum packaging, further contributing to the car’s lower centre of gravity. the latest nickel-metal hydride hybrid battery is more compact while its durability and charging performance have been significantly improved. the toyota prius always demonstrates the genuine rewards that remain to be enjoyed from hybrid technology, advantages that will ripple to the next generation of car models to come. 

toyota-prius-hybrid-designboom-03the classic wedge shape remains




toyota-prius-hybrid-designboom-05the spoiler splits the rear trunk window


toyota-prius-hybrid-designboom-06the latest generation will come in vibrant colors


toyota-prius-hybrid-designboom-07the center console remains complete digital 


toyota-prius-hybrid-designboom-08the dash details different modes, and efficiencies 


toyota-prius-hybrid-designboom-09the shifter and automatic parking assistant


toyota-prius-hybrid-designboom-10the four generations of toyota prius