toyota targets new drivers with S-FR sports car concept
all images courtesy of toyota




the toyota ’S-FR’ is a concept vehicle that continues the heritage of fun-to-drive lightweight sports cars. pitched as an entry level model, the concept emphasizes responsiveness and aims to make a whole new generation fall in love with driving. the compact body is light, yet offers a smooth driving style. the front engine – rear-drive format offers responsive and direct handling gives a real sense of communication between car and driver. 

toyota-s-fr-entry-level-sports-car-designboom-02the ‘S-FR’ on the road



the toyota’s long nose and wide stance make for an archetypal sports car profile, while the familiar roundness of its frame inspires a feeling of closeness. the simple and modern finish of the interior rounds off a design that stresses approachable simplicity while conveying the vehicle’s performance and sporty spirit. the toyota ’S-FR’ concept was conceptualized as the kind of vehicle that attracts its own die-hard fan base, whose members love driving and customizing it. 

toyota-s-fr-entry-level-sports-car-designboom-03the toyota ‘S-FR’ concept has a front engine rear drive layouttoyota-s-fr-entry-level-sports-car-designboom-04lightweight and nimble, the concept is an entry level sports cartoyota-s-fr-entry-level-sports-car-designboom-05the minimal rear taillights  toyota-s-fr-entry-level-sports-car-designboom-06the car fits four passengers toyota-s-fr-entry-level-sports-car-designboom-07the aggressive front lights with an oversized air intake  toyota-s-fr-entry-level-sports-car-designboom-08the front dashboard layouttoyota-s-fr-entry-level-sports-car-designboom-09the digital speedometer toyota-s-fr-entry-level-sports-car-designboom-10the reduced center console offers the bare necessities toyota-s-fr-entry-level-sports-car-designboom-11yellow accents follow into the interior