toyota: solar charging stations
solar powered charging station

toyota industries corporation will be implementing electric vehicle charging stations for plug-in
hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles. the city of toyota in aichi prefecture, japan has adopted
this plan and ordered the construction of 21 charging stations around its local area such
as in parking lots of the city hall and its branch offices. the stations will be equipped with
solar panels that will collect the sun’s energy and recharge electric vehicles. stored energy
will also be used in case of power failures during emergencies. meanwhile, surplus power
will go towards adjoining facilities or sold to a utility company.

this solar photovoltaic system will supply 100/200V of electricity and feature a connection
to mobile networks and LAN in order to send authentication information of users to the data
center. the stations themselves are planned to be operating from april 2010 onwards.

toyota: solar charging stations
charging equipment

toyota: solar charging stations
battery charger to be mounted on vehicle

via japan for sustainability