the see-through touchscreen vending machine all images courtesy diginfo

a conventional transparent window doubles as a touchscreen display in the prototype vending machine by sanden vending systems corporation in conjunction with intel and okaya electronics.

the vending machine features a 65-inch full HD vertical display window through which customers can view the items for sale. by touching the screen, they can also learn more about particular products– for example, nutrition facts or ingredients– or receive recommendations.

when not being used, the system displays entertaining animations, a digital clock, or advertisements to attract the attention of passersby. a ‘public safety mode’ activated in times of emergency features evacuation routes and other important information.

a camera mounted on the top of the device uses facial recognition software to determine the gender of customers and estimate their ages or other criteria. company representatives assert that the system can also remember faces, suggesting relevant purchases for repeat customers.

demo of the vending machine video © diginfo

transparent touchscreen vending machine a camera uses facial recognition software to estimate user demographics

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