‘trayvu’ in-flight entertainment tablet system by skycast solutions

the ‘trayvu’ in-flight entertainment system by skycast solutions is an android-based tablet integrated into the seat-back tray of airplanes.

featuring an 8.9-inch touch screen and with current models running honeycomb, the device is viewable when the tray table is stowed in upright position, or can be flipped out and up when the table is lowered. applications on the system are tailored to flight needs, including not only entertainment sections for viewing TV, games, music, and movies, but also a ‘food and drink’ section that permits customers to order food and drinks directly from their seat. a built-in credit card reader enables clients to ‘run a tab’ for these items or for in-cabin shopping.

the ‘trayvu’ system is easily integrated into existing seating units, weighing under 2 pounds each and replaceable over time via two screws and a plug.

trayvu in flight entertainment tray table tablet view of device in airline seat with table lowered (left) and stowed (right)

trayvu in flight entertainment tray table tablet view of ‘trayvu’ interfaces, clockwise from top left: music, food/drink, games, TV

via crave trayvu in flight entertainment tray table tablet

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