T°RED-ACDD bestianera monte carlo edition switches from sport to urban
images courtes of T°RED ACDD




debuting at the LikeBike monte carlo event, the T°RED – ACDD ‘bestianera monte carlo’ edition is a hybrid that transfigures from a sports to a urban bicycle. created by italian designer romolo stanco, it can make this reversible transition through the changing of its wheels and front fork. this easy process takes less than 10 minutes to complete, and has a dedicated kit in order to aid the rider. the ‘monte carlo’ edition combines the best of the previous ‘sport+’ and ‘sessantaminuti’ bikes, leading it to be called the ‘coolest, lightest and most flexible’ bicycle to date by T°RED. it aims to follow the user’s mood and become their favorite partner, enabling them to break personal lap records yet transform into luxury in time for cocktails with the friends.

in urban mode, the bicycle represents luxury




weighing just 9.8 kg, the ‘bestianera monte carlo’ has a monocoque unidirectional carbon fiber frame that is equipped with an exclusive anti-vibration system. this takes advantage of the superelastic deformation of nickel titanium elements to reduce vibrations to the handlebars and the saddle. the sporty construction, derived from track geometrics, also features an electrical power unit that is fully integrated in the rear hub. this enables the rider to cycle the limited edition bicycle in full or partial electric mode.



transforming in less than 10 minutes, it is ready to go from racing to being at a cocktail party




the motor’s power enables full or partial electrical assistance