the ‘turntable rider’ kit by toshiyuki sugai for cogoo



turntable rider‘ is an add-on kit that converts bicycles into a DJ-ing console. the prototype was designed for cogoo bike sharing company by interaction artist toshiyuki sugai as a way of encouraging bike sharing efforts in japan, where high rates of bicycle use have led to congested bike parking areas near public transit.


with sticks that attach to the rims, the bike’s wheels become a kind of moving jog dial; the handbrakes become sound pads; and a crossfader is affixed to the handlebars. in the demo video, pro BMX rider kotaro tanaka live-plays a remix of the classic japanese song ‘sakura’, using sounds by DJ baku. the pair will also perform at tokyo’s kaikoo popwave festival 2012.


currently a one-off production, cogoo has stated that if they received more than 5900 facebook ‘likes’ (via the bar midway down this page) the company will consider mass production of ‘turntable rider’. DJ baku bike-remixed songs are planned to be sold via iTunes.



demo video, ‘turntable rider’ for cogoo



making of the ‘turntable rider’ for cogoo



turntable rider converts bikes into DJ mixers left: crossfader console; right: sound pads on handbrakes



turntable rider converts bikes into DJ mixers view of the rim stick, converting the wheel into a jog dial



via cnet



turntable rider converts bikes into DJ mixers


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