twicycle uses both arms and legs to power bicycle
all images courtesy of twicycle




bike design. inventor boyan rista believes cyclists don’t take enough advantage of the two wheels offered on a basic bike. now with twicycle, riders can pedal with either their arms or their legs, or even both at once. the front handlebar includes an arm-crank coupled using a chain to the front tire that can be locked in a traditional position or employed to power the front tire. both the front and rear chains run through derailleurs that offer flexible torque options for riders who don’t want to power with their arms as much as with their legs. for a more comfortable ride, a stem-mounted chest pad keeps riders away face away from the front chain cassette. the twicycle will look for funding through a crowdfunding campaign later this summer.

the two wheel drive twincycle

the front handle bar includes large chain set 

twicycle-road-bicycle-designboom-04 twicycle-road-bicycle-designboom-05
the front handlebars act as a crank 

a front chest pieces keeps riders away from the chain system 

grips rotate when the arms power the front wheel 

the handlebars can locked into position for a standard cycling experience 

a standard rear derailleur