the tyent ‘under counter extreme 9000T water ionizer’




the ‘under counter extreme 9000T water ionizer‘ by tyent is a touchscreen-controlled system for water purification. via two distinct spouts and the ‘turbo’ function, the pH of the water can be specifically set to as low as 2.0 and as high as 12.0: highly oxygenated, strongly alkaline water is preferable for drinking and cooking, or washing kitchen tools, while a strongly acidic water is better for cleaning and sterilization. both faucets can be rotated and angled.

tyent touchscreen water ionizer + purifier concept application



the chrome coated control unit measures 11.6 inches (294mm) in height, operated through a touchscreen with optional voice guided service. it utilizes a double filter, the first of active carbon, and the second comprised of three kinds of ceramics, designed to maintain the ionic balance and improve the mineral content of water, functioning alongside an electrolytic antibacterial system. it also contains an automatic cleaning function.

tyent touchscreen water ionizer + purifier breakdown of the touchscreen controls