uk’s vision toward a cleaner future


UK prime minister boris johnson announced that starting in 2022, all new homes in england will require electric vehicle charging points.


during a speech at the annual confederation of british industry (CBI) conference yesterday, the PM commented: ‘we’re regulating so as to require new homes and buildings to have EV charging points, with another 145,000 charging points to be installed thanks to these regulations.


in support of electric vehicles, the mandate will apply to developers of new residential housing, office blocks and retail sites, and to the developers of renovations where there are ten or more parking spaces. this ambitious initiative will aid the UK in developing the infrastructure needed to achieve its climate-forward goals — to end the sale of new diesel and petrol automobiles from 2030, and to see all new cars and vans emitting zero tailpipe emissions from from 2035.

UK will require new homes to have EV charging points starting in 2022image by chuttersnap



charging points to combat range anxiety


advancing into a cleaner future in the UK means that expanded EV charging options will be crucial, especially with the challenging perceptions of range anxiety — the fear of losing power and getting stranded while taking an electric vehicle on a long journey. boris johnson even touched on this during his announcement at CBI, recalling his experience driving an EV: ‘I tried the first tesla for sale in this country for GQ. it expired in the fast lane of the M40, I’m sad to say, though I think they’ve got a lot better.’

UK will require new homes to have EV charging points starting in 2022
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charge on the road, and at home


ahead of the announcement, residential developers were preparing for charging infrastructure mandates to begin in 2025, under the future homes standard.


johnson confirmed that the department for transport (DfT) will soon announce plans to make public charging points more accessible for drivers wishing to charge on the road. UK members of parliament have long called for the implementation of simplified payment systems and greater consumer protections for public charging points, and appropriate competition measures for the quickly expanding sector.

UK will require new homes to have EV charging points starting in 2022
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