unlimited eon electric skateboard: as skaters look to find a commute vehicle with flow, the unlimited engineering team has created the first plug and play electric skateboard powertrain. with in-wheel motor technology that mounts to any skateboard with no modifications, irregardless of whether it’s a kicktail, a pintail or a drop-through, with ‘eon’ electric power is supplied to the wheels within minutes. 



video courtesy of unlimited



the barcelona-based technology company is making a case for the next generation in personal transportation. by simply changing a wheel, ‘eon’ transforms any skateboard into a powerful electric vehicle. low-drag in-wheel motors, replaceable battery packs and unmatched direct drive make it the smoothest and most innovative electric skateboard to date. electric-drive vehicles have the potential to dramatically reduce global warming, smog, and toxic pollution from cars and trucks. a board is the perfect companion for multimodal commuting, solving that ‘last mile problem’ and greatly expanding the efficiency and reach of public transportation. once described by a test rider as ‘the push of an invisible hand’, this feeling is a result of its direct drive motors and OFOC (optimum field oriented control) technology that produces silent torque.

unlimited eon electric skateboard designboom
bolt-on power-train capable of 22 mph with a range of 15 miles




this is the first step of a larger platform for electric-powered mobility that unlimited plans to develop with time. the modular architecture of the powerpack allows users to utilize it as a personal energy system. the battery, which includes a USB port, can be used on skateboards and other applications that are in development, such as bicycles, AC inverters and more.

unlimited eon electric skateboard designboom
the electric powertrain can be purchased as part of a skateboard or seperately




unlimited’s engineering team is formed by carlos kübler, juan pablo viera and alejandro veloz, a group of engineers passionate about riding, racing, and extreme sports. the technology companys headquarters are located in barcelona, selected by the co-founding team specifically for its tightly-knit community of creatives and skateboarders.

unlimited eon electric skateboard designboom
exploded view of the internal wheel mechanism




‘we envisioned eon as a platform for all your personal energy needs that will only improve as battery technology continues to advance. from powering your transportation through eon and our in-development bike kit, to providing your phone and laptop the ability to charge on the go. the breadth of application is virtually unlimited’, says carlos kübler, CEO.

unlimited eon electric skateboard designboom
modular features are added with ease




‘our OFOC technology makes the drive so stealthy you can ride it anywhere without anyone even noticing you’re under electric power, plus the fact you can do 35 km/h (22 mph) uphill’, juan pablo viera, CTO.


unlimited ‘eon’ is reaching out for funding via its kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed here.

unlimited eon electric skateboard designboomunlimited eon electric skateboard designboom