as desirable as electric bicycles are, forking out for an e-bike can seem like an excessive price to may when your old ride still functions perfectly well. luckily, the team at urbanX have created a smart wheel that simply clicks onto your bicycle in the place of the front wheel, and instantly converts it into a fully functional electric bike that can reach speeds of 20 MPH. with a 350 W battery, the urbanX electric wheel means you don’t have to compromise on style, or change the bike model you love, to be able to cycle to work without breaking a sweat.

the urbanX wheel clicks onto any bike in 60 seconds



available in six sizes, the electric wheel fits any size and type of bike and works with both rib and disc brakes. any tire can be used with the urbanX, so long as it fits the rim size of the device. the wheel can be installed with just a wrench and a screwdriver in 60 seconds—all the rider need do is swap out the front wheel, secure the throttle to the handlebar, and connect the wheel to the throttle cable. the wheel comes with a removable battery pack which clicks on and off, meaning the bike can still be used whilst the battery is charging.

the wheel has a 350 W battery 



the tire works in both full-electric mode, meaning the bike does all the work for you, and a peddle-assist version, which senses how fast you are pedaling and activates the level of assist that you need. the wheel also connects to an app on your smartphone, allowing you to monitor the speed and distance that you have ridden, and change the amount of pedal assistance according to your needs. the device comes with a thumb throttle which attaches to your handlebar, making it easy to cruise along at 20MPH at the push of a button.

the wheel comes in 6 sizes, fitting almost every bike



whilst ebikes and smart bikes can compromise aesthetic for better functionality, the urbanX combines both into a device that adds just 15 LB of extra weight onto your bike. by using a patent-pending ‘sinus algorithm controlling system’ to convert electric energy that’s stored in the battery to kinetic energy from the motion of your wheel, urbanX is able to minimize energy loss, increase output and ultimately extend the riding range of your battery.

the blue battery back is detachable, making minimum alterations to the style of your bike

the wheel does not compromise your bike’s aesthetic

urbanX wheel fits with almost any tire

the wheel comes with its own smartphone app to track speed, distance, and assistance levels

initial sketches for the urbanX wheel