urtopia’s car-free utopia


as electric automobiles, motorcycles, and scooters become ever more common, the familiar bicycle remains a strong contender in the future of transportation. now the young, global company urtopia introduces a sleek e-bike that is furthering technological advancements while prioritizing affordability. with its name taken from the combined ‘urban utopia,’ the group clearly seeks to envision a car-free utopian vision of the future.


while other full-carbon e-bikes ask for over $4,500 USD, the urtopia is priced at only $1,999 USD.

urtopia electric bikeimages courtesy of urtopia



influence from the möbius strip


at first glance, the urtopia electric bike (see more here) stands out for its fluid, streamlined form. as designer mathis heller notes, the frame takes inspiration from the möbius strip — an ambiguous continual surface with only one side. commenting on the möbius strip’s as a symbol of infinity and potential for endless connection, the company explains: this idea coincides with urtopia’s effort in recycling energy, reducing waste, as well as creating a greener future with infinite possibilities for all.


the fluid form of the bike is built entirely of carbon-fiber, which the team describes as ‘the ultimate material for high-end bikes.’ at once durable and lightweight, the frame absorbs shock and vibrations for a smooth ride — all while maintaining a total weight of just 30 pounds (13 kilograms).

urtopia electric bike



the electric bike


to ensure easy charging, the urtopia electric bike is equipped with a removable battery with a single 2.5-hour charge offering a range of 30 to 80 miles — depending on external factors such as speed and terrain. in accordance with different regional laws, a top speed of 20 miles-per hour is offered up in the US and canada, while the european model sees a limit of 16 miles-per-hour (26 kmh).


to enhance the clean, streamlined edges of the frame, all of the wiring is routed internally. this ensures that the wires will be protected within the frame, giving the bike an even longer lifespan.

urtopia electric bike



one of the main features of the bike is its so-called ‘smartbar,’ which integrates an LCD display in the center. this feature keeps users up to date with the bike’s status and offers navigational tools and a GPS find-your-bike feature. with a unique voice recognition feature, riders can control the bike easily without risking safety due to distracting controls.


the urtopia electric bike hit indiegogo one month ago (find it here), and has so far surpassed its goal of $40,040 USD by more than 5,000%. Achieving just over $2 million USD in backing with just a few of days left of the campaign.

urtopia electric bike is voice-controlled and inspired by the möbius strip



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