suitX employs advanced robotics into viable exoskeletons to help ease mobility disorders
all images courtesy of suitX





the ‘phoenix’ exoskeleton by suitX is one of the world’s lightest and most advanced wearable robotic uniforms designed to help people with mobility disorders to be upright and moving. in the clinic, at home or at the workplace, suitX has successfully enabled many individuals to stand up, and walk about. 


video courtesy of futurism




the modular exoskeleton allows users to independently put on or remove each piece with basic tools. it is fully adjustable for different sized bodies and can be easily configured to fit any individual condition. weighing only 12.25 kilograms, the ‘phoneix’ can reach speeds of 0.5 m/s, but always depends on the individual user. on a single charge, it can walk for four hours continously, or eight hours at irregular intervals. engineers at UC berkley aided with the development of the suitX ‘phoenix’, making the interface more adaptable to each user and be easily configured to fit individual conditions.

usbionics-suitx-phoenix-exosketelon-designboom-02the exoskeleton weighs only 12.25 kilograms usbionics-suitx-phoenix-exosketelon-designboom-03fully adjustable and easily mountable