vector smartwatches with 30 day battery lives debut at baselworld
images courtesy of vector




showcasing at the 2015 baselworld show, the vector smartwatches, the ‘luna’ and ‘meridian’, provide uncompromising design, performance and functionality with an energy efficient 30 day life battery. even after high intensive usage, the timepieces will still show wearer’s the time and key intelligence whenever they glance at it. this helps fulfill the devices’ purpose – to bring all information that does not need a big screen to the wrist, in order to save time, minimize distraction and help people live in the present. the wearable technology has the capability to understand whether the user is at work, sleeping, running or at home, and presents material accordingly. in terms of fitness and health monitoring, it is equipped with activity tracking which measures steps, distances, calorie expenditure, rest and can help set goals.

the vector ‘luna’ with a silicon strap




combing its software developments with traditional timepiece characteristics, the vector smartwatches also offer conventional functionalities such as a chronograph, stop watch and multiple alarms. to match this, the ‘luna’ has an elegant form, featuring a round 44 mm custom solid stainless steel case that has a hardened mineral crystal. taking a different approach, the ‘meridian’ has a desirable shape, accentuating a 40.5 mm case of the same material. both models have a water resistance of up to 50 meters and includes the option of having different straps; a steel bracelet, lined leather or supple silicon strap. through technology and design, the vector ‘smartwatches’ are pieces of jewelry but also provide information, at the right moment, in order to simplify the wearer’s life.

the ‘luna’ featuring a stainless steel bracelet


the rectangular ‘meridian’ smartwatch