the ‘veliac three’ electric bike by 50cycles

transport and electric tricycles offer a more stabilized load base for its passenger and cargo, but a significant limit to their usage particularly in urban environments is their unnatural handling and wide turning radius.

the ‘three‘ steel-frame electric tricycle by veliac overcomes this drawback with a tilting axis balancing system, permitting the front half of the bike to lean slightly into corners while the back cargo load remains level and balanced. the third-generation model incorporates a front fork suspension system.

the ‘veliac three’ can be controlled by pedaling or using the handlebar’s throttle controls, interfacing with a three-speed power-assisted pedaling system (50%, 70%, or 100%) and 8-FUN brushless motor for power, attaining a maximum speed of 25 km/hr (15.5 mph). a 36 volt lithium battery endures 35-kilometers on a single charge when the power is at high.

dual handbrakes, a light, horn, and turning indicators comprise the safety features of the bike. the ‘veliac three’ weighs 29kg (64lbs) and is sold for 1490 GBP (about 2,390 USD).

veliac three electric bike view from top, handlebars

veliac three electric bike detail on handlebars

veliac three electric bike view of battery, basket, and wheels at rear