velonia bicycles celebrate their viks design with a carbon fiber version
all images courtesy of velonia bicycle






to celebrate its second year, velonia bicycles created the ‘viks carbon’, a much lighter version of the original. they built the carbon fiber frame with all riders in mind who are constantly looking for the latest and edgiest technologies. the frameset weighs four kilograms compared to the standard stainless steel seven kilograms. the ‘viks carbon’ in its complete configuration, equipped with gates carbon belt drive and aerospoke wheelset. 




the bike has the same geometry and sizing as the standard verison, with all the carbon tubes used for the frame have been custom built by slovenian carbon company berk composites. the make the ‘viks carbon’ last for a lifetime, joints and other steel elements are identical to the standard version. the unique velonia bicycle ‘viks carbon’ will be built in small edition and will be seen at eurobike 2015, in friedrichshafen germany.

velonia-bicycles-viks-carbon-designboom-03bike includes stainless steel joints


velonia-bicycles-viks-carbon-designboom-04custom designed for each specific rider


velonia-bicycles-viks-carbon-designboom-05the carbon belt drive


velonia-bicycles-viks-carbon-designboom-06stainless steel pedals


velonia-bicycles-viks-carbon-designboom-07each tube drastically lowered the weight


velonia-bicycles-viks-carbon-designboom-08the rear hub includes gears for incline riding


velonia-bicycles-viks-carbon-designboom-09matching aerospoke carbon fiber wheelset


velonia-bicycles-viks-carbon-designboom-10the bike only weighs ten kilograms



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