vencer sarthe MY 2015 6.3L V8 supercharge engine boasts 622bhp
images courtesy of vencer




the vencer ‘sarthe MY 2015’ features a 6.3L V8 supercharged engine that has 622bhp and 838Nm of torque. the tight wrapping bodywork reflects this power within because of its smooth lines and sculpted flanks. this striking and fluent shape allows the details to run cleanly from the short bonnet to conclude at an aerodynamic long tail. it has been manufactured as a distinctive, light and pure drivers car but has had over 100 changes made from the previous pre-production prototype. these key updates include the modifications to the exterior features, the interior design and the brand new motor.

front view of the supercar




the inside brings to life an extraordinary and refined feel, with a clear and clean minimalist focus on the driving essentials. it has typical wide door sills, a close-fitting cockpit and a central control position in order to allow an unrestricted view from the long windscreen. the in-house produced carbon fiber dashboard features the central information system, that is a convenient multitasking digital display providing important information to the driver. the interior is kitted out in a two-tone leather that is available in unlimited color combinations.





performance wise, the open air-flow C-pillars, front spitters and rear spoiler provides improved aerodynamics and additional down force on the rear axle. as well, the V8 engine is mounted deep into the lightweight chrome-molybdenum chassis to ensure a lower center of gravity and high acceleration. by creating an optimal weight distribution of 45%/55%, the vencer sarthe MY 2015 is geared towards offering a complete driving experience where statistics are key.

the vencer sarthe MY 2015’s side view


the rear view


the smooth body lines lead to a classic aerodynamic end




the central information system displays all the critical information to the driver from one place


two-tone leather interior with Alcantara inserts comes as standard


the interior features carbon fiber panels