venice is sinking, so what? candela seems to have the solution


apparently, ‘moto ondoso’ (the wake boats create when they traverse through water) from thousands of motorboats is slowly destroying the iconic architecture in venice. but don’t worry, candela company claims to have the best solution; its P-30 electric, hydrofoil ferry that flies above the water. the vessel could potentially replace all regular boats, whose pollution erodes the city’s heritage, slowly forcing the buildings into the lagoon. as the company claims, P-30 can save time and money compared to traditional ferries that normally travel slowly on urban waterways because of massive wake generation.

venice is sinking but flying electric boats claim to be the solutionall images courtesy of CANDELA



a radical concept but what about practical?


the foiling P-30 permits 30+ knot speeds dock-to-dock without creating any wake. so guess what? more frequent departures, less time-waiting and money, at the expense of ruining the charming image of the medieval city. during last year the canals’ waterways of venice have become clearer due to the infrequency of water traffic. with this hope, the swedish company claims that electric waterborne public transport will bring them one step closer to clean oceans and lakes, and one step towards transforming the original beauty of the canals by interfering with its existing water transportation. 


candela’s floating boats run on hydrofoils, are computer-controlled, and guarantee to give you the smoothest cruise among the iconic venice canals. are you convinced?venice is sinking but flying electric boats claim to be the solution



project info:


name: P-30 ferry

developed by: CANDELA