giorgio armani collaborates with piaggio on the vespa 946 emporio armani 
all images courtesy of vespa





to celebrate giorgio armani’s 40th anniversary and 130 years of the piaggio group, the companies band together to create a limited edition vespa ‘946 emporio armani’ encompassing the two symbols of italian style and creativity. mr. armani decided on a distinct palette of grays with touches of green, which are only visible under certain light conditions. the metal parts where treated with a matte paint to match the monobloc aluminum bodywork finish. the vespa also includes the most advanced mechanics available with an electronic fuel injected four stroke engine designed for maximum fuel efficiency and emissions. it also includes large 12 inch wheels with matching double 220mm disc brakes with an ABS braking system.  the final touches include the classic emporio armani logos that can be found on the sides of the vespa ‘946’, and on the front headlight. the vespa ‘946 emporio armani’ will be available in limited amounts in june 2015 in major cities worldwide. 


video courtesy of vespa



the vespa includes brown leather accents  


treated with a matte grey paint with touches of green



the classic armani eagle is located on the headlamp


giorgio armani with piaggio ceo roberto colaninno