the boarding agent at left, in paris’s orly airport, is nothing more than a sheet of plexiglass unto which a video is projected

at the orly airport in paris, virtual staffmembers are taking the place of some boarding agents, thanks to the ‘2D holograms’ developed by paris audiovisual marketing agency l’oeil du chat for the airport authority. video footage of real-life attendants– filmed in a studio greeting and directing passengers– is rear-projected onto a human-shaped plexiglass form, to be played at the push of a  button (by a real-life boarding agent). destination information can be shown on virtual placards held by the virtual staff, in an initiative that the airport authority hopes will be more visible and easier to understand than traditional electronic display terminals.

watch the virtual boarding agents at work

virtual flight attendants at orly airport the life-like virtual agents frequently attract the attention of children and other passengers, who try to interact with them