vivien muller wants a cute monster to charge your smartwatch
all images courtesy of vivien muller





good electronic stands are hard to find, and tend to be the blandest objects on our desk, bedside table or counter. vivien muller wants to change that, with a cute apple watch charging stand named ‘watchme’ influenced by adorable monsters in films and cartoons. the french designer constructed a 100% recyclable stand that manages the user’s magnetic charging cable and can swap colors for a more personal touch.  the free ‘watchme’ app plays random eye animations that give the monster even more life like attributes. the project is looking for funding on kickstarter, with plans the to produce the ‘watchme’ in france. check out vivien muller other project on designboom here

the paired app imitates an eye of little monster 


video courtesy of vivien muller 


made of 100% recyclable plastic in various colors