volkswagen: 2012 beetle



just in advance of the new york auto show, volkswagen has unveiled the 2012 ‘beetle‘, with a redesign imagined as ‘a new original’ but hearkening back to the earliest ‘beetles’ rather than the 1998 model.

produced in both a ‘design’ and ‘sport’ trim line, the 2012 ‘beetle’ attenuates the curves of the iconic model with a lower profile, longer front hood, a more angled windshield, and a panoramic roof that is 80% larger than that of previous releases. the car also features a rear spoiler on its TSI models, painted black along its top surface and the body colour on its underside.

at 168.4 inches long (427.7cm), it is a half foot (15cm) longer than the original, as well as 3.3 inches (8.4cm) wider and a half inch (1.3cm) shorter. trunk space is expanded to 10.9 cubic feet (0.3 cubic meters) of space, and features a split-fold rear seat.


volkswagen: 2012 beetle three-quarters rear view


volkswagen: 2012 beetle rear view


volkswagen: 2012 beetle three-quarters front view


the 2012 ‘beetle’ offers three options for engines: a 2.5L gasoline 5-cylinder, a 2L TSI turbocharged gasoline engine, and 2L TDI clean diesel model.

vehicles featuring the last of these engines are estimated to attain a combined fuel economy of 33mpg (7.13L/100km), ranging up to 40mpg (5.88L/100km) highway. by contrast, the other two models attain approximately 30mpg (7.84L/100km) as their highway economy.

the TSI turbocharged engine provides 200hp and 207lb.ft of torque, utilizing an XDS cross differential system to electronically monitor wheel input and redistribute the torque among the wheels to control any vehicle slippage.

the gasoline five-cylinder engine is produced with a 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic transmission, while the other two engines come standard with a 6-speed manual, featuring an optional 6-speed dual-clutch transmission.


volkswagen: 2012 beetle an elongated front hood and more deeply inset and inclined windshield are some of the notable changes to the beetle’s exterior


volkswagen: 2012 beetle models featuring the TSI turbocharged engine come standard with a rear spoiler, black on top and the body colour on the underside


fitted standard with eight panasonic speakers, the 2012 ‘beetle’ is also available with a ‘premium VIII audio system’ with integrated CD changer, SD card reader, and touch screen, or the ‘fender premium audio system‘ with additional subwoofer and featuring adjustable interior ambiance lighting.

other optional additions include a navigation system via a 5-inch touchscreen, keyless entry and starting system, and bi-xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights.


volkswagen: 2012 beetle side view


volkswagen: 2012 beetle detail on rear spoiler


volkswagen: 2012 beetle interior view


the interior of the car echoes the design of early ‘beetles’. three round instrument gauges are arranged in front of the driver, while optional auxiliary features (oil temperature, clock with stopwatch, and boost pressure gauge) are located above the audio and (optional) navigation system to his right. an extra glove box, with an upward-folding lid, is integrated into the dashboard above the standard pull-out compartment.

with standard electronic stability control and both front and ‘side curtain protection’ rear airbags, the vehicle features volkswagen’s ‘intelligent crash response system’ to automatically initiate safety responses in certain collisions, unlocking doors, turning on hazard lights, and cutting electricity to the fuel pump.

volkswagen: 2012 beetle detail of driverside dashboard


volkswagen: 2012 beetle the car is the first time a ‘beetle’ will offer built-in navigation


volkswagen: 2012 beetle the four-seater vehicle features a split rear seat


the new ‘beetle’ is expected to be available in september or october of 2011 in north america, the following month in europe, and feburary 2012 in asia. no pricing data has yet been released.


footage from the unveiling of the 2012 ‘beetle’ at the new york auto show