volkswagen launches electric microbus BUDD-e at CES 2016
all images courtesy of volkswagen




at CES 2016, volkswagen uncovered the avant-garde zero emission ‘BUDD-e’ minivan. the nostalgia-induced vehicle is the first model based on an equally new and progressive platform for electric vehicles with a range of up to 533 kilometers. 

volkswagen-BUDD-e-concept-CES-2016-designboom-02the concept includes a two-tone color layout




volkswagen reintroduces the brand’s history of the ‘microbus’ with an updated design, while simultaneously setting its sights on the immediate future with precise clarity. equipped with a next-generation infotainment system, the mobile interface is a truly unique interactive experience with completely new methods of operation and information processing. touch and gesture control ready, individual displays remove all analog practices with digital screens. 

volkswagen-BUDD-e-concept-CES-2016-designboom-03the front grille is completely transparent with built-in LEDs




with the ‘BUDD-e’, volkswagen designed a new modular electric drive kit. this platform heralds a fundamental change in electric cars with the body and interior design packages that will differ for each model, yet encompassing the cost effective access to e-mobility. the resulting drivetrain is specifically tailored to the use of compact electric motors and high-performance batteries. the flat and space-saving battery holds 92.4 kWh of energy and is integrated into almost the entire vehicle floor. the system powers two electric motors, which drive both the axles resulting in a mechanical system power of 225 kW. the battery can either be charged by plugging it into a power socket or by inductive charging through the floor. at a changing power of 150 kW, the battery is 80 percent charged after about 30 minutes. the concept’s all-wheel drive system gives the ‘BUDD-e’ a top speed of 180 km/h and acceleration from zero to 100km/h in 6.9 seconds. 

volkswagen-BUDD-e-concept-CES-2016-designboom-04the rear doors slide out




the ‘BUDD-e’ designers focused on the clear aesthetics of functionality. the concept car has a two-tone color scheme, with the body painted in ‘nevada white’ below the window edge and the roof painted in golden ‘phoenix copper’. with its front end design, the car makes it unmistakably clear that it is a volkswagen. the area around the VW logo is completely made of transparent plastic that can be backlit by the integrated LED modules in a number of different ways, creating an external ambient light that tapers towards the sides as a narrow stripe that continues all the way around the van. 

 volkswagen-BUDD-e-concept-CES-2016-designboom-05the roof is covered with solar panels




the style of the silhouette is characterized by a flat elongated roof line with equally long windows. it comes across as especially clean thanks to nonexistent door handles and exteriors mirror which have been completely redesigned and replaced by digital solutions. the revitalized iconic deign continues all the way to the rear, with the large tailgate, reminiscent of the original volkswagen bus. the LED steps of the rear lights reach up into the pillars and wrap around for ambient light.

volkswagen-BUDD-e-concept-CES-2016-designboom-06the removable drop box in the rear bumper




the interior design completely changed by the architecture of the modular electric drive kit. the gave designers the opportunity to create a space that is hardly restricted by the drive technology at the front of the car. the conventional dashboard along with all its knobs and switches have been entirely done away with. instead, the team arranged the instruments as a display that looks like it is floating in mid air, like a tablet floating in the space in front of the driver. when passengers open the sliding door, the interior is more reminiscent of a lounge than a car. swivel seats with integral seat belts offer unprecedented flexibility. the volkwagen ‘BUDD-e’ is extremely clean and intuitive through design and with instinctive digitization, it offers passengers a new way of commuting.

 volkswagen-BUDD-e-concept-CES-2016-designboom-07volkswagen developed a modular electric drive with two motorsvolkswagen-BUDD-e-concept-CES-2016-designboom-08the dashboard layout volkswagen-BUDD-e-concept-CES-2016-designboom-09volkswagen replaced all knobs and switches with touch screen capabilities volkswagen-BUDD-e-concept-CES-2016-designboom-10the team of interior designers reimagined the dashboard as a floating tablet volkswagen-BUDD-e-concept-CES-2016-designboom-11the 31 inch touch screen infotainment system