volkswagen cross coupe GTE showcases future design language for SUVs
images courtesy of volkswagen




presented at the 2015 north american international autoshow (NAIAS), the volkswagen ‘cross coupe GTE’ concept showcases the automobile company’s future design language for US and canada SUVs. the five-seater uses a V6 plug-in hybrid drivetrain which combines the 3.6 liter FSI engine with two electric motors to produce a maximum output of 355 horsepower. these dual electric generators which source from a compact lithium-ion battery, each power a wheel set – the front or rear – and can fuel the car exclusively as an EV for 20 miles when in the e-mode drive type. the four other modes: hybrid, GTE, off-road and battery hold/charge, work in sync with the selected driving profiles: snow, sport, on-road and off-road.

the driver’s side wheelarch houses the service flap for the battery’s charging plug




‘the cross coupe GTE is the ambassador of a new design language developed by volkswagen for the U.S.’ said klaus bischoff, chief designer at volkswagen. ‘the concept car has a commanding presence; it is powerful with a look that could almost be described as aggressive.’


‘numerous details hint at how we envision a future production SUV model for north america. the underlying concept combines german engineering and design with a vehicle that suits the american lifestyle. that means high efficiency, clear and powerful design, logical operation and supreme quality—combined with lots of space, superior performance, and outstanding comfort.’

the passenger side’s wheelarch has the fuel filler cap




the plug-in hybrid’s powerful exterior design that is characterized by a clear and logical line structure, is 190.9 inches long, 79.9 wide and 68.3 high. this upscaled appearance gives the SUV a confidence stance which is increased by the precise edges of the long hood and the lowered wheelarches. the car’s physical presence is complemented by features such as the striking air inlet and radiator grille, as well as the LED dual headlights that generate a low beam.

the vehicle is painted in grand pacific glacier blue




klaus bischoff added: ‘the car makes a visual statement from every angle. regardless of whether you imagine the cross coupe GTE in manhattan, driving along the pacific coast highway in california or in the middle of the rocky mountains, this SUV looks upscale everywhere.’





the outside of the ‘cross coupe GTE’ is not the only element which exhibits volkswagen’s new form style for the U.S, as a clear, horizontal orientation has been adopted to envision the interior architecture for tomorrow’s SUV. with defined parallel line structures and self-explanatory operation of all systems, the inside reflects strong influences from the german bauhaus movement. the combination of gloss black applications with the seamlessly integrated displays and chrome elements, complement with the elegant bi-color and ink blue nappa leather seats and borders. by enhancing technology, the 10.1 inch infotainment touchscreen that governs most of the car’s features, can also be controlled to make a more intuitive driving/riding experience.

horizontal lines create a defined interior architecture