volkswagen's fully electric sedan ID.7 glows in neon and zoomed-in QR codes for CES 2023

volkswagen's fully electric sedan ID.7 glows in neon and zoomed-in QR codes for CES 2023

ID.7 electric sedan from volkswagen


Volkswagen teases attendees of CES 2023 in Las Vegas with the design of its fully electric sedan ID.7, out and proud in its psychedelic colors and zoomed-in patches of QR codes that carpet its exterior. The car design will be clad in smart camouflage using today’s technology and multi-layered paintwork to create light effects on parts of the vehicle. The interactive feature signals Volkswagen’s digitalization of its future cars for its ID. flagship, including its colorful van-cargo ID. Buzz.

volkswagen id.7 ces 2023
images courtesy of Volkswagen



The concept design for the camouflaged sedan blazes through with 40 layers of paint, which lights up the ID.7 interactively (some of them even have insulating properties). Volkswagen says that parts of the vehicle can be controlled separately while the others are electrified – below the top layer of the paint, for example – so that they light up. When the driver connects these to a sound system, areas of the car will follow the rhythm of the beat and illuminate according to the tune.

volkswagen id.7 ces 2023
rear view of ID.7



Volkswagen adds that the QR codes on the hood and on both sides provide an interface between the physical and digital worlds, and that the entire camouflage also takes the QR code theme further as it hides the contours of the final production vehicle. At night, the design looks lit in its neon glory, and speeding through the highway can lure in attention from other drivers.

volkswagen id.7 ces 2023
Volkswagen’s fully electric sedan ID.7



Driver can instruct ID.7 using voice commands


Volkswagen’s ID.7 establishes new standards for its electric sedan, and one of them is the car’s smart detection. The ID.7 can detect when the driver is approaching based on their key and will start to cool the interior on hot summer days or heat the interior on cold days before the driver gets into the vehicle. Thanks to the newly designed ‘Smart Air Vents’, the airflow can easily and quickly carry out this feature as they distribute the air over large areas as quickly as possible.

volkswagen id.7 ces 2023
15-inch screen display inside



‘If there are passengers in the car, the air can be directed straight to the body or ventilate the interior indirectly. These functions are visible at all times on the new large display and can be activated and saved individually for each user,’ writes Volkswagen.


Inside the car, a 15-inch display awaits the driver and passenger where special requests can also be activated using voice commands. If the driver voices that their hands are cold, the ID.7 will automatically start the heating function in the steering wheel while releasing a gust of warm air toward their hands.


inside Volkswagen’s ID.7

The ID.7 will be the sixth model from the ID. family and is dubbed as Volkswagen’s second global car to be based on the company’s modular electric drive matrix after the ID.4. The car company plans to launch the electric sedan in the three primary markets of China, Europe, and North America, and the world premiere of the series production version is scheduled for the second quarter of 2023.

volkswagen id.7 ces 2023
the paintwork glows

volkswagen id.7 ces 2023
QR codes are the car’s theme


Volkswagen’s ID.7

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