following new models like the ID. buzz and even an EV version of its iconic minibus, volkswagen takes creative camping even further with the mini-camper. the compact mobile home is the successor to the caddy beach van and the smaller sibling to their california model. it is said to be an all-rounder, once again retaining everyday utility whilst infusing flexible camping fittings and an expandable tenting.


stay tuned as the full design is set for unveiling in september 2020.

volkswagen mini-camper gets smaller yet bigger with expandable tent
all images courtesy of wolkswagen



the highlight feature of the small design of the volkswagen mini-camper is its 1.4m panoramic glass roof, which allows users to sleep under the stars. all glass can be darkened if desired. occupants can lie on an entirely new and almost two-meter-long bed concept fitted with comfortable disc spring elements. lightweight camping chairs and table can be stowed in the back along with two practical storage bags, which can double as privacy screens when fastened and hung on the rear windows.

volkswagen mini-camper gets smaller yet bigger with expandable tent



to aid adventures on the road, the mini-camper comes with 19 assistance systems focused on comfort and safety. as well as trailer assist, side-assist and rear traffic assist functions, the model benefits from a new feature – travel assist – which enables driving assistance over the entire range of speeds. this is powered by a four-cylinder engine with between 74 hp (55kw) and 121 hp (90kw).



project info:


brand: volkswagen

model: mini-camper

launch date: september 2020