volkswagen are jumping on the self-driving car bandwagon, and have just unveiled their concept for sedric – namely a (sort of) acronym for SElf DRIving Car. shown at the geneva motor show 2017, the friendly-faced pod could be hitting the roads as soon as 2025 and VW claim that the handsome fellow is the first fully autonomous vehicle ever to be designed ‘from scratch.’ with no pedals, steering wheel, or cockpit, the first concept ride from the volkswagen group can barely be called a car, and is designed for autonomous driving of level five meaning it has absolutely no need for a driver. at the touch of a button, the self-propelled automobile comes to bring its passengers comfortably and securely to their destination. the vehicle seeks to make autonomous ehicles accessable to children and adults alike, regardless of whether they have a driving license. 

volkswagen’s sedric has been unveiled at the geneva motor show 2017



the friendly face of sedric is no coincidence, since volkswagon have designed the vehicle to look sympathetic and inspire confidence in its riders. with powerful flanks and stable roof columns, sedric conveys safety and reliability. its body concept is sculpted to provide a spacious interior, accessable via a swing door that reaches into the roof, opening up a large and easy entry point. sedric’s interior is decked out with birch leather, and its windscreen is a large OLED sceen with augmented reality that serves as a communication and entertainment center should you be in for a long ride. 

the fully-electric car is designed was a friendly face to inspire confidence in the rider



sedric is a purely electric car, with a battery pack located flat between its axles and the compact electric motor at the wheels. the AI system is located in the compact overhangs at both the front and rear of the pod, and the rider can communicate with the vehicle via a push-button remote to indicate the time at which sedric should arrive. the button changes color and vibrates when the vehicle gets there, and once the pod recognizes its rider, the wide door opens to allow them to hop in. the user then speaks with a voice assistant to discuss the travel time, directions, and current traffic situation.

covered wheels add to sedric’s futuristic look



VW describe the sedric concept as a ‘comfortable lounge on wheels, equipped with carefully chosen materials.’ for the best breathing air and indoor climate, the pod even has air-purifying plants in the rear window, and lushly-dimensioned bamboo charcoal air-filters. large window surfaces make contact with the outside and even the large, high-resolution OLED screen is transparent and allows the view to the front. the design forms part of volkswagen’s ‘together – strategie 2025,’ a project that seeks to transform one of the world’s best car manifacturers into one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable mobility. 

sedric’s doors swing open for an easy and accessible entry point
large window’s make for connection with the outdoors
sedric’s interior is deked out in birch leather
sedric’s rear has indoor plants to purify the air inside
the push-button remote lights up when the vehicle arrives
matthias müller, volkswagen CEO tries out the new ride
the team enjoy sedric’s spacious interior