volkswagen surprises everyone with reveal


during the recent world premiere of the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX SUVs, volkswagen teased the latest version of its upcoming ID.BUZZ electric minibus, which is expected to launch next year. at the very end of the video, the much-anticipated vehicle comes into full view, but is still wrapped in bold swirly camouflage.


volkswagen has been talking about relaunching its famous minibus as an electric vehicle for many years now. the german auto manufacturer unveiled the ID.BUZZ electric microbus back in 2017 and at first, it looked like just another concept that VW was teasing but would never actually bring to the market. nevertheless, the company has announced that it is indeed planning on launching the vehicle in 2023. in fact, production is expected to start within the next year, both in the US and in germany.

volkswagen teases latest version of ID.BUZZ electric minibus before launch
the latest version of the ID.BUZZ

video still courtesy of volkswagen news


exterior ID.BUZZ features unveiled


in the ID.5 world debut by volkswagen (find more here), an updated version of the ID.BUZZ made its bold appearance, although still sporting a camouflage exterior. despite graphic swirls concealing a large portion of the vehicle, viewers were able to get a better look at the lines of the vehicle. the headlights, lower fascia, and sharply angled nose are now visible without obstruction. unfortunately, the glass is still covered, making it harder to observe the interior.


reports state that the electric minibus could start for less than $50,000 — an impressive rate considering that the ID.BUZZ will be equipped with an 80 kWh battery pack. however, the final pricing is not official yet, and the vehicle will probably be available with a range of different interior configurations that will affect its cost.

volkswagen teases latest version of ID.BUZZ electric minibus before launch
the ID.5 and ID.5 GTX



project info:

name: ID.BUZZ
company: volkswagen