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volkswagen's retro groove electrified as newest minibus cruises into the USA

a cult-favorite reborn


Get ready to groove into the future as Volkswagen‘s iconic minibus makes its electrifying debut in the United States and Canada! The much-anticipated 2025 Volkswagen ID. Buzz has finally hit the North American shores, bringing with it a wave of summer vibes, nostalgia, and a strong commitment to a greener tomorrow. This news is sending a buzz of anticipation through the automotive world, captivating auto-enthusiasts, retro-lovers, and eco-conscious drivers alike.


While last year saw the unveiling of the Volkswagen ID. Buzz (see designboom’s coverage here), this newest edition is tailor-made for American markets with a longer wheelbase and three rows of seats — and lots of torque — making the seven-seater one of the most spacious electric vehicles for the all-American beach trip this summer.


To celebrate the launch of the cult-revival from New York to San Francisco, June 2nd will be celebrated as an international holiday, Volkswagen Bus Day.

volkswagen electric minibusimages © Volkswagen | @vw



the north american volkswagen id. buzz


With its 2025 ID. Buzz for North America, Volkswagen has upped the ante and delivered an electric minibus that packs even more punch than its European counterpart. Under the hood, the new ID. Buzz is powered by a robust 282 horsepower engine (compared to 201 horsepower in its European cousin), with an optional dual-motor configuration that ramps up the power even further to an impressive 330 horsepower. Not only does the North American-spec offer increased horsepower, but it also flaunts a top speed of 99 mph, a significant improvement over the European version’s 90 mph limit. Thus, the large ID. Buzz can reach a speed of 100 km/h in just 7.9 seconds.

volkswagen electric minibus



the spacious electric minibus


Volkswagen has not held back when it comes to extending the dimensions of its newest electric minibus. The North American model stretches ten inches longer, boasting a generous 192.4-inch length, thanks to its extended wheelbase. This expansion in size translates to a more spacious interior, offering passengers and cargo a comfortable travel experience. Despite the addition of a third row of seats, which occupies some space, the second row conveniently folds flat, and the third row can even be removed, ensuring flexibility for varying cargo needs.

volkswagen electric minibus



an electrified icon


Another notable upgrade lies in the battery capacity. The North American ID. Buzz accommodates an extra 9kWh of battery, resulting in an increased capacity of 91kWh (compared to the European model’s 82kWh). While Volkswagen has not disclosed the official range for the three-row version, its European counterpart impressively boasts 263 miles on the WLTP cycle. However, it’s important to note that the North American variant’s larger size and weight may impact its EPA mileage estimates, making it difficult to predict the final range figure.

volkswagen electric minibus



When it comes to charging capability, the ID. Buzz retains the European spec’s 170kW charging, which is expected to carry over to the US version as well. With the larger battery in the NA-spec, there’s a possibility of slightly faster charging speeds, adding convenience to the overall electric driving experience.


Volkswagen also proudly shares that its electric minibus exhibits an impressive drag coefficient of 0.29, which the company deems ‘very good for a vehicle of this shape,’ Meaning that despite its boxy appearance, the ID. Buzz manages to maintain efficiency and aerodynamic performance.

volkswagen's retro groove electrified as newest minibus cruises into the USA
a panoramic sunroof with electronically controlled tinting is the largest glass roof ever produced by Volkswagen



In the USA, Canada, and Europe, the VW bus has embodied a unique attitude on life for decades,’ says Lars Krause, Member of the Board of Management responsible for Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.The picture of the legendary T1 Lightbus in Woodstock is unforgettable. The DNA of this symbol of freedom lives on in our ID. Buzz. It is of utmost importance to us that we can now offer the people of North America a modern, all-electric new edition with the ID. Buzz in an iconic design.’


an all-wheel drive version with an output of 339 hp has been announced for 2024

volkswagen's retro groove electrified as newest minibus cruises into the USA
the new North American ID. Buzz is extended with a third row of seats volkswagen's retro groove electrified as newest minibus cruises into the USA
new features include a head-up display, an upgraded infotainment system, and remote parking via smartphone


delivery of the first ID. Buzz vehicles in America will start in 2024


project info:


project title: 2025 ID. Buzz

brand: Volkswagen | @vw

unveiling: June 2nd, 2023

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