volkswagen: xl1the ‘xl1’ concept car by volkswagen



first publicly presented at the qatar motor show 2011, volkswagen‘s ‘xl1’ concept car combines energy efficient technology and streamlined aesthetics to create a hybrid vehicle capable of attaining speeds of 99mph and returning 313 miles to the gallon, even as it emits only a quarter as much CO2 as the most efficient models on the market today.


volkswagen: xl1 full view of the car


the streamlined shape of the ‘xl1’ is designed to be highly aerodynamic. weighing 795kg, the vehicle makes use of volkswagen’s custom ‘resin transfer moulding’ technique to create the lightweight carbon-reinforced polymer components that make up much of the body, and lightweight metals and other materials are likewise made use of throughout the car. to further decrease its drag, the rear wheels are covered, and the car’s side mirrors have been replaced with video cameras that feed input to screens inset along the dashboard.


volkswagen: xl1 full profile view


the car is powered by a two-cylinder diesel engine and electric motor, each of which can be used independently or in conjunction with one another.

a combination of its technology and design, the vehicle is extremely energy efficient. at present, the average rate of CO2 emission for cars is 264g/mi (164g/km), with the lowest until this point producing 138g/mi (86g/km). by contrast, the ‘xl1’ achieves 38g/mi (24g/km) by contrast, the ‘xl1’ achieves 24g/km, and is expected to return 313mpg when used in its hybrid mode.


volkswagen: xl1 rear of the car


the doors of the ‘xl1’ are hinged wings that slide up and slightly forwards, freeing up increasing entry space. rear and brake lights, fog lights, and backup lights are all integrated into a strip of red LEDs at the car’s back.


volkswagen: xl1 view from the driver’s seat


volkswagen: xl1 to improve aerodynamic efficiency, the ‘xl1’ replaces side mirrors with inset video screens, visible at left


the ‘xl1’ is expected to be available in 2013.