prototype custom circuit boards in minutes with voltera v-one printer
all images courtesy of voltera





founded in 2013 by mechatronics and nanotechnology graduates from the university of waterloo, canada, voltera was born with the vision to help electrical engineers and inventors alike by developing an economical custom circuit printer. the device is meant to eliminate the frustrations of traditional fabrication processes and drastically reduce hardware development time.


video courtesy of voltera 




the tool is meant to financially assist labs by decreasing the amount of money they spend on setup fees and overseas suppliers. users can design circuits by simply pressing print, and watch as the boards start to take shape. the system uses conductive and insulating ink to create full functional two layer circuit boards without every needing to leave the office. over the past two years, the team has spent time engaged in chemical experimentation, making sure all the materials meet their benchmarks in conductivity and reliability. the small printer has a minimal footprint on a desk, and is encased in a durable aluminum body. the printer has the potential to break barriers during testing and prototyping phases for a wide range of electronics startups.

the printer has a small table footprint voltera-custom-circuit-printer-designboom-03
made from a durable aluminum casing  voltera-custom-circuit-printer-designboom-04
the system uses conductive and insulating ink