VW e bugster speedster cabrioletthe ‘e-bugster speedster’ electric concept by volkswagen



at beijing motor show 2012, volkswagen has unveiled its two-seater ‘e-bugster speedster’, a soft-top convertible version of the electric ‘e-bugster’ coupé shown at the 2012 detroit auto show.

the car is built with the proportions of a sportscar, at under 55 inches (1400mm) in height, a wider 72 inches (1838 mm) in width, and 168 (4278mm) in length. it retains a similar chassis style to the ‘e-bugster’ coupe and the 2011 ‘ragster new beetle’ concepts, although with LED headlights, C-shaped daytime running lights, and redesigned bumper reflectors.

most impressively, the electric motor and lithium-ion battery enable a range of 112 miles (180km) on a single charge, attaining 0 to 60 mph (0 to 100 km/hr) in 10.8 seconds. the ‘combined charging system’ utilized by the vehicle offer single-phase charging via standard AC current or a ‘quick’ charge DC mode for use at charging stations. volkswagen notes that with this latter interface, the battery can be ‘refuelled’ within 35 minutes. the ‘combined charging system’ is designed to meet future industry standards for electric vehicle connections, in order to universalize charging methods globally in the car industry.

the ‘e-bugster speedster’ also recovers energy from the action of braking, converting the kinetic motion into electricity stored in the battery.


VW e bugster speedster cabriolet profile view, on exhibition at beijing motor show 2012


the concept model features an integrated light performance: a start button activates the drive system as well as immerses the interior first in white and then blue light, in a flowing pattern.

volkswagen has not released information on a potential production ‘e-bugster’ model, although the ‘blue-e-motion’ electric drivetrain used in the car is designed for implementation in future vehicles.


VW e bugster speedster cabriolet 3/4 top view


VW e bugster speedster cabriolet render, 3/4 rear view