no. 5065 scooter is an effective piece to a bigger urban transportation service
all images courtesy of wang yixing





working with a variety of different transportation companies, wang yixing approached the scooter solution with public transportation in mind throughout the entire design process. from carrying options, to vending machines for purchase points, the scooter revolves around the needs of urban commuters. with a folding design and compact body, the ‘no.5065’ scooter can be easily accommodated in side pockets of a backpack, crowded subways and complicated folding procedures.

wang-yixing-no5065-scooter-designboom-02ideal for quick trips between public transportation 




for many people carrying a portable folding bicycle or other larger means of transport, is often very complicated. it’s straightforward design focuses on put the scooter in a very small volume. while simplifying the handling, the last being a compressed to the volume of acceptable size such as a water bottle or an umbrella, the concept was accompanied by a lot of research to understand the relationship created between the scooter and it’s rider.  the ‘no. 5065’ scooter by wang yixing could help optimize and become a piece of a sufficient urban public transportation service of the future. 

wang-yixing-no5065-scooter-designboom-03the folding process


wang-yixing-no5065-scooter-designboom-04a concept vending machine to sell the scooter