large-scale 3D printer plans to build homes using organic materials
all images courtesy of WASP project






standing at 12 meters tall, ‘big delta’ is an undertake to take 3D printing to a much larger scale. over the past three years, italian enterprise WASP (world’s advanced saving project) formulated their dream of a giant 3D printer that could contribute to the dramatic global issue of housing. the united nations calculated that over the next 15 years, there will be a need for an average of 100,000 new houses every day. WASP project believes quick 3D printers will aid with this drastic demand. supported by a sturdy frame a movable nozzle that acts as a mixer will layer mud and clay raw materials to build full-scale homes. 

wasp-project-big-delta-large-scale-3D-printer-designboom-02the nozzle mixer





‘we demonstrated that ours was not just a dream, that low-cost housing is possible and that it houses can be built with a 3D printer’, describes WASP creator massimo moretti. ‘and we also developed a model for sustainability.’ the project will be showcased in ravenna, italy on september 18 to 20, 2015. the 12 meter ‘big delta’ will be creating a scenography alongside a theatrical piece. 


video courtesy of WASP project


wasp-project-big-delta-large-scale-3D-printer-designboom-03the structure from the top  wasp-project-big-delta-large-scale-3D-printer-designboom-04‘big delta’ stands 12 meters tall wasp-project-big-delta-large-scale-3D-printer-designboom-05actuators move on all three axes