Lightweight electric dirt and road bike with aluminum body


WAU Cyber arrives as a retro wave electric dirt and road bike with a hexagon aluminum body and customizable neon lights for synth-city riding. The brake lights and turn signals of WAU Cyber are deemed to be two of the seemingly endless features that the design team focuses on. They noticed how most electric bikes do not have lighting systems and decided to install tube ones in their cyberpunk dirt and road bike. These light poles flash and blink when the rider needs to brake or make a left or right turn. The neon lights narrative continues at the rear of WAU Cyber, where the changeable beams glow in the dark for safe nighttime cruising.


The custom WAU Cyber frame is forged in aluminum, yet the design team states it is still lightweight so the rider can easily maneuver the electric bike. The hexagonal design also lends the aura of an electric motorcycle to the dirt and road bike and can easily convince onlookers that the ride is not an e-bike at all. Hopping on the transportation, a full-colored LCD screen display flashes power gauge and information to the rider, and there is a possibility to connect the rider’s smartphone via Bluetooth for navigational purposes and even install a USB port onto the e-bike for charging.

wau cyber electric dirt and road bike
images by WAU Bike



WAU Cyber e-bike can be a power source


Speaking of charging, WAU Cyber can become a power source to charge up electronics and even appliances. An optional offering, the electric dirt and road bike may come with an onboard high-voltage cable that can be connected to a WAU power portal. The latter then becomes the middle support that powers up to 1,500W worth of devices. The feature is deemed useful for excursions, camping, and even short-term riding breaks where the rider may need to electrify their devices and electronics.


The charging feature is made possible thanks to the three different voltages of the swappable and removable battery packs for WAU Cyber. The 48V, 52V, and 60V battery packs can be charged at home or anywhere with a port to guarantee continuous cruising. On top of this, the electric dirt and road bike itself has a switch named ‘battery boost switch’ that lets the rider activate the second (or third) battery pack with a touch of a button. This means the battery packs can all be installed on board, and the system automatically detects which battery to activate.

wau cyber electric dirt and road bike
WAU cyberpunk electric dirt and road bike gets hexagon aluminum body and neon synth lights



Anti-theft feature to keep WAU cyber safe


For tech buffs, WAU Cyber can achieve a top speed of 55 mph and can cover an ultra-long range of up to 200 miles. Its motor options, another feature that the design team spotlights, range from 250W and 750W up to 5,000W. Riders who may want to carry loads of objects can find their 8 liters of onboard storage enough for their needs. Since WAU Cyber is an electric dirt and road bike, the tires can adapt to both with ‘slicks’ designed for road use and ‘nitro’ being suitable for off-grid use.


There are also other options that can help the rider improve their riding experience, starting with GPS tracking that informs them of the whereabouts of their WAY Cyber (within a 3-meter radius). A radar and a camera can also be installed to enable them to see their surroundings and be more alert to incoming nearby vehicles as they speed off. An auto immobilizer, which prevents anyone from starting the ride other than the owner themselves, can be triggered with a single swipe. The limited-edition WAU Cyber has reached its campaign goal and is now available for interested fans to acquire.

wau cyber electric dirt and road bike
the user can change the colors of their neon lights, both at the front and rear

wau cyber electric dirt and road bike
WAU Cyber may be an electric dirt and road bike, but it has the look of a motorcyle

wau cyber electric dirt and road bike
there are two types of tires that can be fitted in the electric bike for on- and off-road use

wau cyber electric dirt and road bike
WAU Cyber can power up to 1,5000W worth of electronics and devices

wau cyber electric dirt and road bike
the electric dirt and road bike is expected to be shipped in February 2024



project info:


name: WAY Cyber

company: WAU Bike