electro.aero, a perth-based start-up company, has developed the world’s first electric hydrofoil personal watercraft. the waveflyer jet-ski appears similar to a conventional jet-ski when stationary but when it accelerates it cuts through the surface and levitates above the water.

the waveflyer electric hydrofoil jet-ski flies above the water

images courtesy of electronautic



using a patent-pending wavedrive stabilized twin hydrofoil propulsion system, the waveflyer jet-ski can slices through the water and fly above the waves for over 30 minutes. its powered by a 2 kwh li-ion battery pack and can accommodate two riders, offering them a quieter, more energy-efficient and smoother ride, producing no emissions compared to petrol powered-alternatives.


the waveflyer is the result of a partnership between the university of western australia, perth’s renewable energy vehicle project, perth’s electro aero and galaxy resources. it is currently in the prototype phase of development.

the waveflyer electric hydrofoil jet-ski flies above the water



‘the new waveflyer feels more like flying above water rather than riding a conventional jet-ski. i can see tremendous commercial potential for this eco-friendly watercraft,’ says the project’s professor thomas brauni.


‘its development has been made possible by funding from galaxy resources to support the research, and the expertise of electro.aero in building electric propulsion and flight control systems.’


project info


company: electro.aero
product: waveflyer
partners: the university of western australia’s renewable energy vehicle project