waytools textblade keyboard transforms typing on phones and tablets
images courtesy of waytools




as smartphones and tablets become the dominant work equipment, the waytools ‘textblade’ transforms the typing capabilities on these devices through a lightweight and compact keyboard. using patented multitouch key technology, the product, weighing just 42.5 grams and a third of the size of an iPhone 6, is the slimmest full QWERTY design to date and can easily fit into a pocket. comfort and the ease of which to type are provided as the the multilayer keys are of desktop finger-spacing.


a demonstration of how easy it is to connect and use on a smartphone or tablet
video courtesy of waytools




‘textblade is an entirely new class of device that delivers professional-grade, familiar touch typing to any platform – from iPhones to iPads to android, without compromising the size or feel of the tablet.’ said mark knighton, CEO of waytools.

the layout of the keyboard device




the touch-type machine connects to devices via ultra low energy bluetooth smart, and as well as enabling full-screen content production, it still preserves all of the use advantages of touch-screens. the key pads which use precision maglever mechanisms to deliver quality feel, magnetically fix with the spacebar. this component is made from a slim, specifically engineered lithium polymer battery which similarly to all the other parts of ‘textblade’, can fast charge on any USB port.



the compact design is a third of the size of an iPhone 6