WEDG off-cloud 512-bit disk stores your data safely at home or work
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the ‘WEDG‘ is a personal cloud that offers strong security and privacy values in order to provide a safe data storage solution. it is an off-cloud as it operates at home or work, meaning your self-hosted emails and files do not accumulate in a vulnerable document center. the exclusive cloud features all the conveniences we have become used to but incorporates higher and tougher surveillance. this is demonstrated by the embedded passwords and built-in expiration dates they are sent with files, as well as the trusted users list that grows with each information exchange.


introduction and the capabilities of the WEDG device
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every user enjoys 512-bit disk encryption activated use from the moment they first log-in and can take comfort in the fact that the keys remain with you – they are not sent to the company and are not captured in backups. it is ideal for busy homes or small businesses that need simple and straight forward tools without complicated set-ups. this is highlighted by the capability to instal or transfer software to WEDG and avoid monthly subscription fees. the open platform works with emails to compile address books and organize calendars, as well as also allowing developers to built apps to further expand the device’s capabilities. the WEDG currently features on indiegogo in order to raise funding for the project.




understanding of the device



LED demonstration of the black and white WEDG versions