white house 3D printed ornament design winners decorate the east wing
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the winners of the ‘white house 3D printed ornament’ design challenge initiated by the partnership of instructables and smithsonian, have been announced and have been printed and hung up in the resident’s east wing during the holiday season. the five first place entries are featured on the 3D data platform, 3d.si.edu, and will join a small collection of white house ornaments in the political history division of the national museum of american history. accumulating creations representing winter sports, toys and activities, the challenge’s specifications required them to be no larger than 3 x 3 inches and to reflect the festive period’s magic and wonder.


the ‘stars of bliss’ ornament being fabricated
video courtesy of instructables




‘much like the way it was created, through the mirroring and patterning of a simple line, the star of bliss signifies how a small act of kindness can transform and spread to create a wonderful final result.’ said creator elroyo on the ‘stars of bliss’, ‘this embodies the spirit of the holidays; how we all need to put hatred aside and pay it forward.’

‘winter snowflakes: holiday ornament’ by gilrdesign


‘presidents of christmas past & present’ represents the presidents who have held office over the festive period




‘the ornament’s bulbous shape, outer swirls and swaying ‘christmas star’ represent the magic and spirit of the holidays.’ says CS3D, the creator of the ‘presidents of christmas past & present’,paying tribute to the white house and US presidents, 44 shining stars orbiting the ‘christmas star’ pay homage to the 44 presidents who have led this nation since the days of george washington who first selected the site for the white house in 1791.’

the reading room inside the library of congress’ jefferson building was the source for this design




‘I decided I wanted to do something inspired by one of our family’s favorite DC destinations – the reading room in the library of congress’ jefferson building. ‘ explained vickyTGAW about the ‘library of congress ornament’, ‘the beauty of the building and knowledge within is a great testament to the best of mankind and all the accomplishments yet to come!’





the ‘linear winter wonderland of innovation’ by bbadami, preferably manufactured by 3D metal printing in titanium but also viable using other materials, features an illuminated white house inside. it includes a clip to enable the design to connect to a string of lights, and can be displayed easily because of its base stand.




[h/t] instructables