windowless fuselage planes by CPI show panoramic views & entertainment
images courtesy of CPI




centre of process innovation’s (CPI) ‘windowless fuselage’ displays panoramic views and entertainment on ultra thin screens that are embedded into the plane’s panels. an unique travel environment is created with lightweight and highly flexible screens that are integrated with the cabin walls and the seat backs. these displays become the windows on the world as well as the source of entertainment for the flight. the developed technology will deliver this 360° adaptable flying space over the next 10 years.


the future of aerospace with windowless aircraft
video courtesy of centre for process innovation




the ‘windowless fuselage’ incorporates thin, high definition, flexible screens that reduces the weight, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the airplane. covering the entire inner surface is possible using a roll-to-roll manufacturing technique that also coats the displays in a protective layer in order for it to function for a long lifetime. internal tracking cameras project the outside image onto the screen from the passenger’s point of view in 150dpi color resolution. as well, the technology enables subtle cabin lighting to associate the journey with sunrises and sunsets. the centre of process innovation’s displays create a unique traveling experience that redefines aircraft transportation in terms of efficiency and entertainment.

the panels create a 360° traveling experience


the panels and seat-backs become the window on the world and the source of entertainment




projects the image onto the screen from the point of view of the passenger


lighting panels allow the color changes associated with sunrise, sunset and nighttime