wireless exod helios solar headphones charge internal battery & device
images courtesy of exod




the exod ‘helios’ solar headphones are a wireless, bluetooth 4.0 connected headset that recharges its internal battery by sourcing natural light through its top-located photovoltaic film. mounted on the top face of the ‘helios’, the solar cell can also energize the music storage device when connected by a cable through its micro USB port. the non polluting process on headphones is patented and brings great comfort in terms of both mobility and user freedom. the gadget features multifunctional buttons to control the tracks, volume and the on/off switch, and also has a built-in microphone to enable wearers to answer calls.


examples of the freedom offered with the helios
video courtesy of exod




to find out more about exod’s ‘helios’ sun-powered headphones visit their kickstarter campaign where they are seeking funding to realize the project.

the photovoltaic film placed on the top face of the headset, charges the internal battery and the cable-connected device


the built-in buttons control the power, volume and tracks through bluetooth 4.0


a micro USB port connects the headphones to the music device


a compilation of the exod helios’ parts