wireless sony walkman NW-ZX2 stores over 1700 hi-res audio files
images courtesy of sony




the sony ‘walkman NW-ZX2’ offers an unparalleled listening experience with its ability to store over 1,700 songs as high-resolution audio files, in its 128GB of capacity which can be expanded to 256GB. with the use of hi-res audio, far more detail is retained than during the conversion of analogue sound to digital formats. with technology advancements such as the S-master HX full digital amplifier and DSEE HX, the sounds are processed with minimized noise and distortion, and with the recreation of important high-frequency musical information.

the device has an internal storage capacity of 128GB but can be expanded to 256GB




by supporting the efficient LDAC codec software, the sony ‘walkman NW-ZX2’ enables users to enjoy high quality wireless audio via bluetooth. the system transmits data three times more economically than previous connections, and when paired with the one-touch NFC, wireless exchanges between devices can be made instantly and effortlessly. the beauty of the sound character is matched by the luxurious body that is milled from solid aluminum alloy, and the internal use of gold-plated copper to reduce electrical impedance. presented at the CES 2015, the ‘walkman’ which has a 60 hour li-ion battery life, is available to european markets from spring 2015.

the body is rigid thanks to being milled from solid aluminum




its li-ion battery enables 60 hours of playback from a single charge